Enterprises characteristics

    Independent development of precision molds

  The company introduced Japan's top MAKINO mold machines, molding technology industry's leading spindle manufacturing technology, integrated spindle taper by the end of the four groups preloading bearings in the whole power range to ensure a strong spindle rigidity. Professional spindle assembly process to ensure that the overall pre-spindle constant pressure and vibration; make molds and precision machining parts market greatly improved surface finish, the processing time is shortened, high geometric accuracy and positioning accuracy.


      Strict quality control requirements, using the Japanese ALGOL professional quality control equipment, strict monitoring of quality, with automatic precision testing machine, life testing machine, coordinate measuring instrument, projector and live full inspection manual testing and other equipment, and through ISO9001: 2000 quality certification. For customers requiring high quality control can certainly satisfied.

Automatic curve measuring instrument     Life measuring instrument    Semiautomatic curve measuring instrument


 Manual load measuring instrument     Coordinate Measuring Machine